04 Set 2017


Ernesto Damiani has been invited to give a talk at the Statistical Challenges in Big Data & Complex Systems meeting, satellite event of the annual conference of the The CLAssification and Data Analysis Group (CLADAG) of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS).

In this talk Ernesto described the TOREADOR approach to Model-based Big Data Analytics and how it can be deployed as service for European enterprises.

29 Giu 2017

TOREADOR @ IEEE Big Data Congress 2017

Ernesto Damiani presented TOREADOR  methodology for Big-Data-as-a-Service at the IEEE Big Data Congress, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

At the same event, related work by Maria Krotsiani and George Spanoudakis has been presented.

01 Giu 2017

IRIXYS – Summer School for Junior Scientists 2017

IRIXYS and the AIDA consortium (Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics) in collaboration Atos International Germany jointly organise a Summer School for PhD students and junior scientists with the title “Big Data and Business: Methods, Technologies and Innovation”.

The Summer School intends to build a strong network of young and experienced scientists for future cooperations. Addressing different approaches in the field of Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Machine Learning, the event aims at getting a deeper insight into fundamental research works as well as technological transfer and industrial purposes.

The Summer School particularly targets PhD students. Master students interested in pursuing their academic path in the research field can participate within the number of available places.

During his speech, Ernesto Damiani introduced the innovation of TOREADOR in the context of Big Data Analytics.

More information on the IRIXIS web site and on the Summer School leaflet.

31 Mag 2017

Alexander von Humboldt Professorship

Prof. Wil van der Aalst, member of TOREADOR Advisory Board,  has been awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, nominated by the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) of Aachen.

The award has been endowed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is the most valuable prize in Germany. It is aimed at attracting top researchers to Germany across all scientific disciplines.

19 Mag 2017

Ernesto Damiani @ Banche e Sicurezza 2017

Ernesto Damiani has been invited to give a talk at the “Banche e Sicurezza 2017″event organized by the ABI, the Italian Bank Association.

During the speech, he presented the TOREADOR approach, and how Big Data analytics can be exploited to improved bank and finance security.

More information and the full program can be found on the ABI website.

15 Mag 2017

Ernesto Damiani @ Statistical Challenges in Big Data & Complex Systems

Ernesto Damiani has been invited to give a speech at the “Statistical  Challenges in Big Data & Complex Systems,” to be held the 12th of September at the Università degli Studi di Milano(Italy).

The purpose of the symposium was to take advantage of the presence in Milan of the statistical community attending CLADAG Conference in 2017 and to stimulate cross-discussion between the various disciplines present in the University and who for various reasons are concerned with the theme of Big Data and Complex Systems.

28 Apr 2017

Ernesto Damiani @ Birkbeck Conference on “Big Data Analytics and Applications to Economics”

Ernesto Damiani has been invited to give a speech at the conference on Big Data Analytics and Applications to Economics organized by the Birkbeck University of London, Institute for Data Analysis, which will be held the 5th of June 2017.

The talk addressed many topics of TOREADOR research and presented our view on Big data analytics applied to real economic scenarios.

06 Mar 2017

First educational event for the TOREADOR community

A 4-day training course started on March 3, 2017 in Milan, at Omnia Comunicazioni (, has been delivered by the CINI unit. It was aimed at training professionals on new Big Data technologies.

Course modules were: Data Technology, Data Science, Lab activities, Assessment and Evaluation.

20 Feb 2017

Bird & Bird extensive analysis on EU legal framework

In the framework of the TOREADOR Project, Bird & Bird has made an extensive analysis of the EU legal framework related to data ownership in Deliverable D16.2. This work not only fits within the TOREADOR Project but also in the wider context of the European Commission’s strategy towards data. The latter recently published a Communication on “Building a European Data Economy” where it notably suggests that Europe is not tapping into the potential of data for business, research and innovation purposes.

The results of Bird & Bird’s research are aimed at the partners of the Project, but also strive to provide additional evidence to policymakers on the emerging issues of data ownership. For the latter purpose, they presented the results of their research in a White Paper, which notably includes a proposal for a new right in data

Read the summary prepared by Bird & Bird here.
Download the White Paper here.

11 Gen 2017

Ernesto Damiani @ 13th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC)

Ernesto Damiani gave a keynote on “Controlling Leakage and Disclosure Risk in Semantic Big Data pipelines” at the Ernesto Damiani @ 13th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), Heraklion.

In many Big Data environments, information is made available as huge data streams, collected and analyzed at different locations, asynchronously and under the responsibility of different authorities. It has become common for data analysts to have a mandate for computing Big Data analytics without holding the rights to access the individual data points in the input, as they may contain sensitive information or personal data protected by privacy regulations. This talk discusses the idea that techniques used for semantic enrichment of Big Data (such as semantic lifting to harmonize metadata representation across data collection points and pre-joins at data ingestion time to avoid computing semantic joins on Big Data storage) can be seen as non-linear leakage and privacy risk boosters. Intuition suggests that semantic techniques applied to Big Data representation may have a double impact on security risks: (1) increase leakage risk by increasing the value for the attacker per unit of information leaked (2) increase intrusion risk, making injection attacks (i.e. attacks aimed at poisoning data for subverting the outcome of analytics) more effective per unit of poisoned information injected . However, no clear methodology is currently available for quantifying the impact of these boosters.

The full video is available here.


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