13 Febbraio 2019


TOREADOR – Designing Big Data pipelines

Ernesto Damiani & Paolo Ceravolo

In the Internet of Everything, huge volumes of multimedia data are generated at very high rates by heterogeneous sources in various formats, such as sensors readings, process logs, structured data from RDBMS, etc. The need of the hour is setting up efficient data pipelines that can compute advanced analytics models on data and use results to customize services, predict future needs or detect anomalies. This Webinar explores the TOREADOR conversational, service-based approach to the easy design of efficient and reusable analytics pipelines to be automatically deployed on a variety of cloud-based execution platforms.

10 Gennaio 2019

Keynote Talk @ ECSSR 24th Annual Conference

Ernesto Damiani will give a talk at the 24th ECSSR Annual Conference entitled “Abu Dhabi Dialogue: Challenges and Opportunities for Change in the 21st Century”.

Data analysis plays a crucial role in the development of intelligent energy networks (IENs).  Availability of  smart energy production controls on the supply side and of smart energy meters on the demand side provides a huge volume of data at different time resolutions, enabling smart, demand forecasting, energy generation optimization, energy pricing, monitoring and diagnostics. Artificial Intelligence techniques based on Machine Learning have been proposed to complement or replace classic statistics methods. However, existing implementations involve high cost, long roll-out time and cannot fully meet the requirements for processing Big Data produced by the IENs. This talk introduces the approach to flexible data analysis pipelines suitable for IENs developed within the energy pilot of TOREADOR, one of the largest EU H2020 projects on Big Data as a Service.

24 Ottobre 2018

Keynote talk at ER2018 and Xidian University

Ernesto Damiani presented the TOREADOR view on Model-based Data Analitics-as-a-Services at the ER2018 Conference and to the Master students of the Xidian University

10 Maggio 2018

Artificial Intelligence Empowering The Digital Transformation

Ernesto Damiani and Antonio Manzalini published an article titled “Artificial Intelligence Empowering The Digital Transformation” on  the Notiziario Tecnico TIM, the official review of TelecomItalia.


In the article, they explore the role of Artificial Intelligence in the evolution of Telecommunications infrastructures towards Future Networks and 5G.


You can find the full article on the journal website.

Maggio 2018

TOREADOR methodology at the base of a new RDPETRO project

Our project “A Decision Support System for Deploying AI Models in the Oil and Gas Industry” (Pi: Ernesto Damiani, co-pi: Gabriele Gianini) was selected by the international RDPETRO jury.

The TOREADOR methodology provides good foundations for attacking crucial vertical domains!

12 Febbraio 2018

Libro Bianco Cybersecurity

In the context of the Italian Conference on Cybersecurity (ITASEC18), Paolo Prinetto (CINI Director) presented the “Libro Bianco sulla Cybersecurity” (Cybersecurity White Book). The book describes the point of view of the Italian scientific community about the importance of coordinated cybersecurity global policies, and depicts a set of actions to be enforced in the Public sector to keep the cyber security threat  level under an acceptable threshold.

Ernesto Damiani participated in the writing of the Book, authoring the chapter on Industry 4.0.

Febbraio 2018

Dissemination Workshop @ Circolo Nautico Castellamare di Stabia

TOREADOR will organize at the Circolo Nautico Stabia (Castellamare di Stabia) a Workshop for the dissemination of project results with Companies, Public Bodies, and Educational Institutes of the Campania Region. Ernesto Damiani and Beniamino Di Martino will represent CINI.

The aim of the workshop will be to define the strategies for the improvement of Big Data technologies and competences in the area.

More information can be found in the flyer.


13 Dicembre 2017


Execution of the TOREADOR methodology on SAP pilot, from declarative requirements specification to semi-automatic deployment on a target Big Data platform.


Novembre 2017

DaTalks on Big Data and Data Analytics


Ernesto Damiani gave a speech at the DaTalks on Big Data and Data Analytics in Beirut at the Campus of Sciences and Technologies.

The talk was focused on the foundations of BDA, in terms of emerging innovation in algorithms as well as in terms of data and computational models. Then it discussed some recurrent models and patterns used in practical Big Data computations, from Data preparation and anonymity to analytics to display, and presents their application to business domains like energy, fintech and advanced manufacturing, highlighting the TOREADOR approach to BDA.

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