The TOREADOR community is committed to improve the productivity in some critical business domains through cost-effective Big Data-as-a-service, boost
data-driven innovation fostering innovation, and reduct costs due to standardization of TOREADOR models.

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All the academic papers and the datasets made public by the project are in Zenodo TOREADOR community.

LogoCompanyTypeWebsite / Contacts
Zucchetti s.r.l. (Lodi, Italy)Software and Consulting; No SME (>250 employees)Go to Zucchetti Website
Lombardia Informatica S.p.a. (Milan, Italy)Services to the Public Sector; No SMEGo to Lombardia Informatica website
ElmecServices; no SMEGo to Elmec website
Camelot biomedical systemsdigital transformation services; SMEGo to CamelotBio website
Exatek (Italy)Startup (<=10 employees)Go to Exatek website
EKA (Italy)SME; spin off of the University of SalentoGo to Eka ; Go to University of Salento Incubator
Apphia (Italy)Startup (<=10 employees)
Trident (Italy, Switzerland)Startup (<=10 employees)
FunderaStartup (<=10 employees)
Comerciando Global / consulting firm (Madrid, Spain)SME
Ridygo (France)Startup (<=10 employees)
NextDev s.r.l. (Italy)SME
Answare TechSME
Innovati (now part of Experis IT) SpainNo SME (>250 employees)
Huko (Italy / China)SME
Omnia Group (Milan, Italy)No SME (>250 employees)
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