The TOREADOR project is aimed at overcoming some major hurdles that until now have prevented many European companies from reaping the full benefits of Big Data Analytics (BDA).

Toreador Concept

Many companies and organisations in Europe have become aware of the potential competitive advantage they could get by timely and accurate Big Data analytics, but lack the IT expertise and budget to fully exploit BDA. To overcome this hurdle, TOREADOR takes a model-based BDA-as-a-service (MBDAaaS) approach, providing models of the entire Big Data analysis process and of its artefacts.


TOREADOR open, suitablefor-standardisation models will support substantial automation and commoditisation of Big Data analytics, while enabling it to be easily tailored to domain-specific customer requirements.

Besides models for representing all aspects of BDA, TOREADOR will deliver an architectural framework and a set of components for model-driven set-up and management of Big Data analytics processes.

Once TOREADOR MBDAaaS will become widespread, price competition on Big Data services will ensue, driving costs of Big Data analytics well within reach of EU organizations (including SMEs) that do not have either in-house Big Data expertise or budget for expensive data consultancy.

General Meeting

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Covering key areas of the EU marketplace

TOREADOR framework will be put to work in four pilots, covering key areas of the EU marketplace that until now have been only marginally involved in BDA


On-demand security analysis of application data


On-demand analysis of energy production and delivery


Aerospace products manufacturing / maintenance


Clickstream analysis of Web e-commerce applications.

Key takeaways

  • TOREADOR will provide declarative models supporting enhanced Big Data Analytics.
  • TOREADOR will support Model-based Big Data Analytics-as-a-Service via automatic provisioning and configuration of computational resources.
  • TOREADOR will support integration and deployment of different analytics and security technologies.
  • TOREADOR framework will provide continuous monitoring and management of analytics lifecycle and data security and privacy.
  • TOREADOR pilot scenarios will be deployed on real in-production scenarios.
  • TOREADOR will provide clearance of legal aspects involving all TOREADOR operations.

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